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To play this melody, press the following symbols on your keyboard. Music notes are given for the mode "Keymap-2". Music notes enclosed in all kinds of brackets (for example, "(abc)", "{abc}" or "[abc]"), to be played at the same time as a chord. If a note is indicated in upper case, you need to hold down the "Shift" key.

8 w t u t 7 6 0 e t e 6
8 w t u t 7 6 0 e t e [6u] [8o] w [to] [uo] t [7o] [6p] [0p] [ep] t e [6u] [8o] w to [uo] t [7o] [6p] [0p] [ep] t e [5o] [4p] 8 [qp] e [qp] [4p] [5p] 9 [wo] [ro] w [5i] [8o] w t [uo] t 8 5 9 w r w [9u] [8uo] w [tuo] [uo] t [8uo] [4ip] 8 [qip] [5oa] 9 [wo] [6us] 0 [eus] [tus] e [6us] [4us] 8 [qus] [ed] q [4s] [5pd] 9 [wd] r w [5d]f r u [af] d [6d] 0 e [tps] e 0 6 0 e [tu] e

[6o] [4p] 8 q [ep] q 8 4 8 q [ep] q [4o] [6u] 0 e tu e
0 6 0 e tu e [6o] [4p] 8 q [ep] q 8 4 8 q [ep] q [4o] [1u] 5 8 0 [8i] [5u] [5y] 9 w r [wt] [5r] [6e] 0 e [ru] [tp] [us] [pf] j k l x jlxb


80wtw060ete080wtw060ete[0u][8o]0[wo][to]w[0o][6p][0p][ep]te[0u][8o]0[wo][to][wo][0o][6p]0[ep] [tp]e[0p][4p]8[qp][ep]q[8p][5p]9[wo][ro][wi]9[8o][0o]wtw059wrw[9u][8o]0[wo][to]w[0o][4p]8[qp] [5a]9[wo][6s][0s][es]te[0s][4s][8s][qd]59[wd][4d]9[wd][rd]w[9d][3f]7[0f]w[0f][7d][6d]0e[rs]e0
[60e] || uo[4p]8q[ep]q848q[ep]q[8o][6u]0e[tu]e060e[tu]e[0o][4p]8q[ep]q848q[ep]q[8o][8u]0wt[wi] [0u][5y]9wr[wt]9[8t]0wtwq[8wt]


Do not forget to turn on the "Keymap-2":

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