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How can I properly clean my pet cat?
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i give all 4 of my cats baths about once every 6 months.. i stick them in the tub (it has shower doors) and scrub them down with cat shampoo and rinse them real well, then dry them with a soft towel. i usually cradle them while drying them and it helps keep em calm. been doing this for a long time, so their pretty use to their baths now.
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HaHa that`s not really funny but cats clean themselves
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they have this dry powder stuff you can rub on them and it supposidly cleans them, i never tried it though. but the thing i have tried is these bath mits they are just wet mittens that you pet the cat with and it cleans them and they smell pretty good too. they sell these both at any pet store by the pet shampoo. its for dogs and cats. good luck
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Cats can clean themselves.. You should only clean them if there so dirty they can't clean themselves e.p. oil.. Otherwise there fine.
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they clean theirselves unless they get fleas then I have to give them a bath.
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