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What are the meanings and definitions of domain, DNS, DHCP, clients, workgroup, protocols, and topologies in the context of computer networking?
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Domain:a network of 1 or more central servers(windows server) and 1 or more clients(other than servers).that on one or more of the servers you have domain controller(active directory installed on).after that clients logon to network trough servers and their users are on the server not on their own computers.. DNS:a server that resolves ip address (example: to host name(example:sales) you can connect to that computer with name not IP address.. DHCP:that automatically gives each computer an IP address.. you do not need to give it static.(it's so hard to give ip address to 200 computers ). clients:computers that use resources on network.servers give them services.. workgroup:peer to peer network that doesn't have server.all of the computers are equal and share resources.users are on each computer.
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1. Domain- A domain is a website that is like There are also sub-domains wich are like, and i think folders wich are like 2. DNS- I think that DNS is a setting to who hosts the domain. Like a nameserver.. 3.Clients- Well theres a lot for that one... Theres an ftp client (site uploader) a business client and lots more.
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