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What causes painful ovulation and what can be done to alleviate it when it lasts for 2-3 days?
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The name for this condition is Mittelschmerz. Read about it, including ways to relieve the pain at the link below....
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go see your gynecologist. it could be medical. until u can get into the doc, take some tylenol for the pain.
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this a question that so many women may differ on. for myself, in my mid 20's up until now being 41, my periods have increasingly become worse in symptoms. Migraine headaches, very painful cramping, heavy bleeding, bloating, mood swings. all stuff that over the counter Midol could no longer take care of, I've graduated to prescription meds for some of these symptoms. I can tell you that when in doubt, go to see your doc, and get things checked out. But in a nut shell...periods suck! . good luck!
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