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How to assemble a Chevy 350 engine?
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There is a book you can buy called, "How to rebuild my small block chevy". You can get it at most auto stores. It is great and has a lot of hints for getting things right. I used it to build my first 350 to race at Flat Rock speedway in Michigan.
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Depends on what you are doing. Complete ground up rebuild, get a manual. Just trying to beef up an engine? Start with the exhuast. A good set of headers, high flow cats and high flow mufflers does wonders for just about any vehicle. Best bang for the buck. Next, look at intake...cold air induction. Chip if computerized. Good manifold is worth its investment. Then look at a cam that matches the heads, the intake, the exhuast, and the way you are going to drive it. Last, look at heads, stroking, etc. Pretty much in that order, from best gains per dollar to lowest gains per dollar.. . . Don't get biggest heads, bottom of the page camshaft, and largest carb you can find, it will run like crap. IE a 296 cam, some old camel back heads, a high rise intake, and a holley 850 on a worn out 350 will run horribly. On the other hand, taking a 350 in a truck, installing some headers and a free flowing exhuast, a good intake (edelbrock makes one for tbi, free chip too) and a K&N air filter will be reasonably priced, and perform wonderfully. Just keep the parts matched. If you are going to drive it everyday, keep everthing to work in the 1500-5500 RPM range. Keep the carb small if you go that way...almost no engine can draw 850 cfm and cruise through town at 25 mph while running worth a dang. Stick with a good 500 cfm electric choke carb. Can't pull more air than that without spending some big bucks on heads, cam, valvetrain, stall converters anyway. Be realistic with parts, and you'll be happier!
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