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Does AOL support POP3 mail in Outlook Express?
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I don't think so as AOL uses Netscape for browser and Outlook uses Explorer. I have been able to get my this site mail and hotmail accounts to come through Outlook but not my CompuServe (also uses Netscape) account.. To set them up, you have to pull down the "tools" in the upper bar and select "email accounts". There should be a wizard to help you once you get there.
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They probably will tell you the POP and SMTP settings, but as far as program issues probably not.
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I don't have AOL, but my cousin does. I don't know her email address.
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I wouldn't see why not, but it may be a paid service like yahoo. Yahoo makes you pay for there better e-mail service which support forwarding and pop 3 access. Most likely it is the same.
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