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To play this melody, press the following symbols on your keyboard. Music notes are given for the mode "Keymap-2". Music notes enclosed in all kinds of brackets (for example, "(abc)", "{abc}" or "[abc]"), to be played at the same time as a chord. If a note is indicated in upper case, you need to hold down the "Shift" key.

[etu] l k j [eti] l k j [wry] k j h H f x c x
[etu] l k j [eti] l k j [wry] k j h H f x c x

f p s f g p s g d o a d o
fpsf gpsg doad oaf psfdf
fpsf gpsg
doadaoa fpsfgf
ffg pspspsph oaoaoaof pspspspsffj pspspsph
oaoaoaof pspspspsffh OsOsOsOg OsOsOsOf
ososososff lkkjhggfd dsdf
fpsf gpsg doad oaf psfdf jkh gf
fpsf gpsg doadaoa
fpsfgf pasg sddsd fss fjhgkjh sddsapppdds dddhhj
lkj lkj kjh H fxzx
lkj lkj kjh H fxcx
fpsf gpsg doad oaf psfdf jkh gf
xjlx cjlc zhkzkhk xH l xc


Do not forget to turn on the "Keymap-2":

Virtual piano online. Play music on keyboard.

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